As a very young child, I dug through my kitchen trash can and would search for wasted potential. I would cut, paste, collage, color, and draw things and put it all together to form the purest form of art.

Freshman year of high school my love for the arts skyrocketted. Mr. Jones may not have been the most inspiring amazing artist to have, but I was refound with my true love of a pencil gently grasped in my right hand.

I myself produced visual art, but I didnt close my mind to the rest of the arts. I quickly gained more value and appreciation for performing arts, musical arts, poetry, etc.

I found home in school in the art department. It felt like my little haven. My senior year ,due to my schedule, I spent three out of the five periods a day in that section of the school along with time spent in there after hours. The first artwork I produced that I was proud to claim as my work did not surface until my senior year when i drew a graphite dipdic of a sheet faced man.

I always was interactive with my art community. Participating in clubs and activities just to support the program even if i had no idea what I was doing. Every month you could expect to see me downtown in Indy for Firts Friday, an art and cultural event that takes place on the first friday of every month.


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