Sitting in bed the day after Christmas, my friend, Molly, and I were chatting about the upcoming year. As we finish up our senior year, we discussed how much things were going to change over the next twelve months. Molly going out of the country to volunteer for mission work during her gap year, and I, off to college in a world of swirling new places, people, and experiences.

The conversation eventually led to the topic of Seven. We both had heard about the project and decided this was a perfect time to impliment it into our lives.

Seven is a project where everything revolves around the number, you guessed it, Seven. A seven month stretch where each month faces a new fast with the goal to simplify ones life to lead to a happier one.

We soon found ourselves very excited for the idea as Molly will be leaving in August so the time length fits perfectly and living a simple, non-tangible life is what we strive for. We quickly began brainstorming for month one. Seven was born.

January- Food only eat seven foods for the month

Februrary- Media eleminate seven media types for the month

March- Spending only spend at seven places for the month

April- Clothes only wear seven articles of clothing for the month (excluding undergarments)

May- Stress observe seven sacred pauses to relieve stress and add peace for the month

June- Waste adopt seven green habits for the month

July- Possesions give away seven things every day for the month


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