Reflecting on Food

As month one has already come to a close, I regret not starting this blog earlier as I did not have the chance to write through the journey day by day. Instead I must just reflect on my experiences.

My seven foods I chose included: bread, eggs, rice, peanut butter, chicken, fruits, and vegetables. Seven is subject to each lifestyle¬†and specific to what is available and most beneficial to each person. For this I was open to eating any vegetable in hopes to consume more, which ultimately seemed to be a failure. As of fruits I really only ate apples and bananas so technically for month one you could call it “Eight”.

The beginning, was hell.

At firstI felt like I was a drug addict sitting in a room stocked full of narcotics and it was only my own willpower keeping me from short lived satisfaction. The cravings were through the roof. I think It was just me knowing I could not have those foods that made me crave them even more.

After about a week they started to die down, the rest of the month was not bad at all.

Food no longer was a luxury. It came down to “what can I have that is available to me right now?” Instead of “what do I want?”. This was one of the most mind shifting parts of the whole experience that really put into perspective how much gluttony is participated in by Americans. It was no longer a want but a need. Leaving January, that is the main factor I will carry with me.

Since Month One, I indulge less. I still get a burger every once in a while or splurge on some fries, but I have found I have stuck tightly to my seven main foods. Every day to school i still bring my jar of Jiff to smother on my bread, apples, and bananas along with my two hard boiled eggs for breakfast each morning.

This month was very beneficial on my perspective on food and the way I live my life with it. I believe everyone should try this food limiting even if they do not participate in the other six months. Looking back, I am very pleased with my shifting of outlook and the experiences I have had with Month One.


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