Dream Job

I find myself always in a child like state of bliss the last half an hour or so before sleep then again around the first half hour upon awakening. I have never been able to figure out why this overcomes me, but I love it. I hope it continues through the rest of my life. Maybe it has something to do with my sleepy mind becoming so delusional and morphed it only for some reason thinks and feels these strong waves of happiness and warmth on the inside.

Upon wakening I roll over and count the rows of girls to make sure everyone is still there. All women whom i feel safe with and clump them all together as my best friends. I swing my legs out of bed (I always sleep on the outside), and hop onto the cold hardwood floor. My feet paddle as I make my way to the bathroom where I go through my routine of changing and brushing my teeth before heading out the door with a banana or granola bar and water bottle in hand.

I find my way to the gym where ideally I have a workout partner that helps motivate me, but as I have yet to find one that has a similar drive as me I typically end up alone. I swipe my membership card across the scanner and head in to LA Fitness. My workout seems long while enduring but speedy while reflecting. I retreat to the sauna for a 20 minute relaxation period where I stretch my tense muscles and begin to alter my state of mind from an intense go-hard one, to a relaxed chilled view.

I head out from the gym and in the car eat my snack as I head over to tan. The tanning bed is my meditation zone. My happy place consistently happens to be a warm breezy place which feels very believable in the warm bed with the wind blown by the fan. I play relaxing music that varies depending on my mood, goal, or emotion of that day and hop in.

Upon returning home the girls are just awakening and begin preparing for the day. Some days I whip us all up some french toast or eggs with plain toast but most days everyone grabs their own cereal, oatmeal, etc. If I am in a warm mood I opt for some peaches and cream oatmeal whereas if I am in a craving for something more room temperature or cold I go straight for my favorite, special K with strawberries. We all gather around and discuss things ranging from daily plans to dreams to new facts we learned the other day all together like a happy little family.

After this each day somewhat varies. Each days goal is to experience something new. Sometimes that can mean just trying a new dish or a new restaurant, but others it means helping the lady in the bookstore that i have never seen before. Some days it means jumping into the lake fully clothed when its a little too chilly for comfort because why not? Some days it means going hang gliding or sky diving, but each day is something new.

I love telling stories. So each day I find myself at the same little park bench. There is nothing extravagant about the atmosphere, but I find it perfect. Birds lightly chirping as they breeze through the air and rustling of trees in fresh summertime. The sun shines perfectly through the trees creating areas of warmth and cool. I never advertise for my stories, yet, people come. Little old ladies sit beside me and children crowd my feet sitting as they would on the floor in a kindergarten classroom as their teacher instructs them. I have no script, no plan on what to tell. I just let the words and ideas flow. I do not hog the attention however. If someone is sparked by a section of my story and want to share their own experiences I eagerly listen and absorb all the words they have to say and how they say them. By the end of the day I am exhausted and return home to a set of meditation, a shower, a catch up with the girls, and a long nights rest.

Each day I grow as a person and love and spread love. If I could be paid to do this every day for the rest of my life I would be the happiest person on the planet. Flexibility, perspective, and spontaneity are the things I like my life to be focused around. Without them I easily become lost, confused, or deeply sad. As I feel this goal seems unrealistically unlikely, I will continue to dream upon it in meditation and dreams and in those moments right before and after sleep.


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