Raw Righters

Christopher Soto is an american poet. His style seems very modern in the sense that the layout of his poems have a lot of meaning added to the poems not just the words alond which i associate with more modern writings. I like him because his bold honesty and truths of american problems that he has perosnally faced. His poem Middle Class Fist Fight showcases his struggle of connecting views with his father on transgender, lgbtq, etc. topics. He does not worry about keeping his writings G rated instead focusing on keeping the writings raw and cutting which more writters should take influence from. Society today in america is very concerned with political correctness and properness when i feel like everyone should just stop getting so butt hurt and come at it with a more understanding mindset.

Maggie Nelson was another poet i read about from the list of 30. I was less drawn to her style. In my opinion the writings seemed strong but i could not grasp a relation to the topics or was not drawn in by them. Her writing Spirit talked of her grandmothers pendant now belonging to her. Her layout of simple seperations allows for the reader to read through and move though the poem at a quick pace without feeling like it is dragging on.

Whereas the first writer seemed more risky the second one found a more reserved style in their writings. They both us personal experiences, as many artists do, to push their work to another level as it is a more clear, true, and raw insight to the topic. Between the two i 100% decide i prefer Christopher Soto over Maggie Nelson as a personal choice. For me i just find Nelsons work a little too distant for me to grasp and understand in todays society as i believe i find her poems set up in. Straight to the point, honest, and edgy poems as Sotos draw me in more than more reserved writers.


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