Where is home


Growing up my time was spent outside as much as possible

my clothes never matched

Screaming Neon colors

my trees a Fluttery Green with Deep Hues

My skies soared Lilac to Burnt Orange to Crimsom to Dark

He voices around me whisped and flowed in Dark Blues

my knees are scraped and the blood dripping down was less Red and more Brown from dirt and swirls of White vanilla ice cream, added hints of Yellow Dandelion

eventually when the skies fade Midnight shades and street lamps glow Amber

I would at these times reluctantly having to retreat back to the gray house

for the dark represents

not good

not safe

inside the home all the colors of the world vanish

leaving dark couches, darker beds, and darkest souls

all sounds were weak streams of frayed broken string

when there was touch there were not explosions of rainbows like outside

just more dark

each day the house and everything in it got a shade darker

barely noticable but obvious over time

eventually the house became darker than the sky it was supposed to protect me from

every day my tolerance for the house lowered

But never the fight to stay colorful


each day i found myself bathing in its depths


the sun chose to rise again

so i could return to my rainbow home


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