Senior Week

Monday- toga day

6:54 wow this is cute
7:15 i forgot my golden leather strap for around my waist:(
7:51 this gold headband is digging so deep into my skull i might cry
8:46 the headband broke. But it was so cute:(
9:13 fixed my headband. Back to pain:)
10:15 bathroom break for a toga readjust
10:22 is beauty really worth all this pain?
11:39 looking gooooood looking goooooood
12:18 i think my brain and head are just going numb now
12:24 my bandeau is now around my stomach. No room for malfunctions now
12:44 how do some people sit all day cross legged like this?
1:26 There goes my headband again. Im not surprised, It is a 5 dollar headpiece from Walmart.
2:19 everyone is telling me to take it off it looks so painful. But it looks cute so its fine.
2:50 i am now free to sit however i please and can take off this head peice:)

(The headband left slight bruising)

Tuesday- Career day


Today i planned on being a gold digger. Wearing a flashy gold dress with a hardhat with a light. I was going to lug around a shovel all day. Sadly however, goodwill did not live up to expectation and i ended up wearing jeans, a plain white t, heavy duty flannel, cabin socks, and hiking boots. This would have been a normal outfit for me minus the hiking boots i typically reserve for purely hiking. I didn’t quite have a costume in mind. I just woke up, threw it on, and called it good. Throughout the day friends, classmates, teachers etc. would ask “are you supposed to be a ________?” And no matter what they filled in the blank with, i said yes and went with it. I quickly found the same three fillers being rotated through. Through the day i became a lumberjack, a hiker, and a hobo. Not the best day of the week, but it is still better than Friday.

Wednesday- senior citizen day

I missed half of this day due to the fact i did not return home until half past 3 am that morning from the concert (see my blog post about my experience if interested). However, i woke up a little before 8 am and decided i needed to still make an appearance for senior citizen day. It only comes once in a lifetime and how could i pass the opportunity up? Since i did not plan on attending at all, i had not gone and looked for an outfit. I did not long to drive to my local goodwill in search of my perfect outfit so instead i headed to my mothers closet which to her offense, was a perfect playground to search for my articles. I completed the outfit with a mini pillow being put down my pants to make my bottom look rather large. (Side note: It made for a great cushion throughout the day!) The day was filled with people making comments and talking about my big behind. I got plenty of pictures on this day and had a lot of laughs looking at the other costumes.

Thursday- little kid day

I am not one for planning so i got myself up at 5:30 this morning to search for my kiddie clothes. In mind i wanted to wear a gymnastics leotard with some shorts and braided pigtails with some other accessories. To my dismay we no longer possessed any of those. We had bins and bins full of old kid clothes. I however, could not wear any of these either for my mom put it upon herself to do some diy project which included cutting all these clothing’s up and then disregarding the project so now all that is left are boxes full of unusable cloths cut into cloth squares. I finally ended up wearing a camper t-shirt with some other things and pulled the look together by carrying around my blankie all day and a sippy cup i filled with water multiple times throughout the day. The grade all gathered at a local soccer club to ride our bikes two and a half-ish miles to school. The ride there was beautiful and energizing. The journey back was long, exhausting, and hot in the 84° weather. Overall the day was great and honestly didn’t feel like i was dressed up for anything except when i was drinking from my cup.

Friday- college t-shirt day
You’re supposed to wear a t-shirt with the college you’re going to on it.
This day is not fun. I did not participate


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